Irish Luck Slot | Video Slot

Whether it’s Leprechauns, Rainbows Riches, Clovers or plain Pots of Gold – the Irish have always had the luck it seems. This fun funky slot machine takes everything we love about the Irish and crams it into one little screen so everyone can enjoy it wherever they are.

The Irish Luck Slot has 5-reels and 30-lines to play with and a maximum bet of £15, which bodes well for those who manage to get 5 lucky maidens to line up in a row as it can pay out 10,000 if you do. It bears a striking resemblance to the mechanisms used to build Great Blue Slot and even if its’ bonus game and huge win potentials are similar, although we are sure that this is going to be an issue to anyone really since there is so much money at stake. Packed with symbols from lucky horse shoes to clovers, pots of gold or even the colorful lime-green card digits that make up the rest of the symbols, this slot will certainly perk you up even if it does nothing more.

If you manage to net yourself a nice win and it’s under £2,500, you can have a go at gambling it and seeing if you are lucky enough to double up. It’s a simple enough choice as you can only pick red or black – therefore giving you a 50/50 chance where you can multiply your money or slink off without any should you lose.

Bonus Round

The Scatter or Bonus symbol is well-represented with a pot of gold and when you manage to get three of more of these on the Irish Luck Slot, a little leprechaun will pop out from behind them and take you to a screen where you can choose 2 out of the 5 pots on the screen. You actually have a guaranteed 8 free spins with a 2x multiplier already, but this is just to add the proverbial cherry on top.

For those of you who really do have the luck of the Irish, you can win up to 33 free spins with a huge 15x multiplier – effectively guaranteeing yourself an early retirement if even a quarter of the spins prove successful. The bonus round can even be re-triggered giving you the chance to win money that only the lottery could previously offer!

Still not sold? Well considering we have chosen some of the greatest online gambling sites where you can try it out at, each one offering its’ own attractive welcome bonus and some even free spins, we’d still recommend you give it a try. Feel free to take a punt on the slot at a few of our selected partners – we always change them when we find something better so remember to check back regularly as well just in case. Also, for those of you who feel nice enough to let us know how your experience goes or brag about how much they have won on the great Irish Luck Slot , please contact us and all screenshots are welcome too. Good luck … literally!

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