Any person who is new to the game of slots might have a wrong perception that it is a difficult game, whereas it is the simplest of all casino games which makes it a user favorite. Secondly, slots are based on a wide variety of themes that render it more interesting for the players.

Whatever the themes might be, some features are consistent throughout, as discussed below:

1. Wild Symbol
This is one amazing and favorite symbol of all players that can replace all other symbols on the slots and increase the chances of winning and claiming handsome payouts. The payouts that the wild symbol and the symbols it can replace can be found written in detail around the slot machine table. All symbols are usually replaced by the wild symbol other than the trigger and scatter.

2. Scatter Symbol
It is no less than a favorite than the wild symbol on the slot machines and the unique feature of the scatter symbol is that it can be claimed for a payout even if it appears anywhere on the slot screen, not necessarily on an active play line.

3. Free Spins
A well liked feature of many slots is the triggering of free spins that are activated on the slots by the appearance of a particular symbol in a specified combination. The most common triggering symbol is the scatter symbol that appears in a combination three times to activate free spins. These free spins can be played at any coin level.

4. Bonus Games
Bonus games are an attractive feature on the slot machines and have been developed in the most sophisticated manner of any slot. The trigger for a bonus game is a particular symbol that appears in a pre-defined manner on the active play line and the payouts are very lucrative in Bonus games.

The bonus games are the most technically sophisticated games developed in any slot and even if a player does not win a bonus game, the game is so enjoyable in itself that the players have a good time playing it as the theme of the slot is completely embodied in a bonus game.

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